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 Disaster Day

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PostSubject: Disaster Day   Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:16 pm

Hi Guys & Gals,
My whole day (or I should sat yesterday, its now 0310 UK Time) has been a disaster.
Its through downloading 09 Beta.
A few specs first, although some won't matter with downloading.

  • Maximum permitted download speed 54.0 Mbps, (In reality, its never achieved this)
  • Wireless connection speed 802 Mbps (Desktop receiver to External Modem. Signal strength 'Excellent')
  • Ram 2.5 Gigs.
  • ISP: Sky broadband. Unlimited
  • Download manager used. Free Download Manager, obtained from 09 download page link.

OK: Started first download at 1300 UK time. It struggled to reach and maintain a DL speed of 98 Kb/s, timed out twice, and after 1530 UK time, the speed dropped to around 50 Kb/s. (Schools out).
When it finally completed and I tried to unzip, I got the error. 'Unexpected end of file' and the program terminated.
I calmly took this in my stride (After throwing my wireless connector across the room and kicking my dogs (Only kidding Smile )) and started again.

Second attempt: Much better. Time 0025 UK. Disabled every-thing I possibly could including Firewall, Anti-Virus, Windows security downloads Etc. Rapidly reached and maintained a speed of 645 Kb/s, no 'time-outs' or any other problems. Except when it come to unzipping. Same error message.
I have tried unzipping using several methods, including; left clicking on the zip folder (zp), right clicking, zp, and selecting unzip, using the side menu and finally using an independent unzip program.
I have also entered all the details from the confirmation e-mail and entered the 09 registration number into my Auran profile. I also used the links from the same e-mail.

They are probably two corrupt downloads, but just in-case, I am left with two questions.

First Q:- Reading the above, have I left something out, if so what? Any suggestions appreciated.

This leads to my second question, which I will explain first.
Without meaning to sound boastful; Over the past few weeks I have spent a considerable amount of cash updating my computer ready for 09, trying to get the best environment possible so the simulator will run without too many problems.
This ranges from new memory chips (ram), A better Graphic Card, same speed (256mb) but with more features, and a program to optimise my computer for the best possible performance.
If I need to spend even more, it will cost me at least 100 times the market value of any computer product. So to the second question

Q2, Anyone know the current rate for a good divorce defense lawyer Laughing

Cheers All
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Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: Disaster Day   Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:43 am

Hi Pete,

Sorry to hear that ....!!!!

Maybe someone can put it on cd and mail it to you ...

I had people mail cd with trainz stuff to me before ....

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PostSubject: Re: Disaster Day   Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:58 am

Lol, love that second question. Very Happy

A couple of questions:
Are you downloading using wireless connection (and do you have a cabled option), and are you using a download manager?

Your wireless connection is going to be more prone to drop-outs which could corrupt your download.
I have a wireless router here with 4 cabled outputs with the option of 4 wireless as well.
I tend to only use the wireless if I want to sit in the garden with my laptop, but for downloads I always make sure I use a cabled connection just to be safe.

Also, if you're not using a download manager, I would suggest FreeDownloadManager, which is free Very Happy.
With this, drop-outs will be less likely to corrupt the download, as the packets will be resent until it has received them correctly.
It also allows you to have multiple streams downloading the same file, so you can get the best speed out of your connection.


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Male Number of posts : 172
Age : 70
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PostSubject: Re: Disaster Day   Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:15 am

Hi Smiley,

"Great minds think alike" Smile .

On my third attempt, very early hours, I thought of the wireless problem and moved my router so I could use a cable.
No problem, and it unzipped as expected.

Now I have one more problem which I have already placed in the Auran Forum, but I'll repeat it here.
When I start 09 I get the usual diagnostic start-up screen, all ticks, and then the options screen, put in my Auran details OK, but the box for CD KEY is a problem. It won't accept the code sent in the e-mail as its too long, the one that starts with 'BETA', tried it without the dashes, still wont accept it.
I can't find any other key code, and I've searched all the usual locations.
Of course it was in the early hours, so being tired, I may have missed it.
I'll have another go later, as soon as I've answered my e-mails (creature of habit). Any suggestions welcomed.

About the 2nd question; My FCT expires on the 18th. I'm afraid to ask Laughing .
38 years married and my nick-name for her is 'The Original Welsh Dragon'. Blame me??? LOL.


Edit: Don't know what I done or how I done it but all is now as it should be. Entered the same details as before and away we go. Probably a temporary glitch somewhere.
OK: Now to put it through hell Smile .
Thanks All
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PostSubject: Re: Disaster Day   

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Disaster Day
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